Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wanna Look Chic? Try Taupe Nail Polish!

Why do we love Taupes?
What is so cool about this grayish-brown
brownish-gray color that has no generally accepted definition?

Magic behind Taupe is that the color itself is so different.
 Taupe is a perfect nude partner and compliments every skin tone.
Looks very classy and chic.

Brownish Taupes from my stash

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday's Inspiration. Michelle Phan

A story about dreams coming true

She was one of the first to start the whole new era
of YouTube Makeup Gurus.

Vietnamese-American, facing hard times during her childhood,
quitted her dermatology studies for major in illustration.

In 2007, she filmed her first makeup tutorial and today
her YouTube channel has more than 500 mln views
and over 1.8 mln subscribers. 

Michelle got featured in a lot of magazines
(Vogue, Forbes, Nylon, etc), 
and now she is an online spokesperson for LancĂ´me.

Most popular

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do You Feel NAKED or NAKED 2? I Feel Both!


I got it, I finally got it!
My lovely-pretty-gorgeous-amazing
Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

I am quite surprised that it was pretty easy this time.
I remember the headache with purchasing original Naked Palette,
it was either sold out, or not available internationally,
crazily overpriced on Ebay, etc.
And this time I only got an email -
"Naked Palette 2, free worldwide delivery (!!!), available now"
And I said: ".......!$#$&^%*&^*@surrrre!"

Let it be 100 000 001 review, but here it is,
all sleek and shiny...
 Lip Junkie in Naked (mini, 3.23 ml)
 Comes in a squeeze tube

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

7 Lush Loves. Must-haves and Pleasures.

First of all,
Happy Yesterday's Valentine's Day!
It's never too late to congratulate,
especially when you give a promise not to touch your laptop
on THAT day.
 ...  <3

Today, I'm sharing with you my 7 Lush Loves,
some of them are must-haves in terms of functionality
and some are just pure pleasures. 
Again, depends on your personal tastes,
but it's always good to consider trying or buying ;)

Let's begin.

Of course, of course, of coooourse!

I remember being a TOTAL fan of Lush soaps,
I kept buying them and delisting all other brands
from my "bathing brand list".
I am a little more pickier now,
but I will always have at least ONE Lush soap in my shower.
have tons of smells and "textures, a lot of them are vegan-friendly
My Loves: 
Honey I Washed the Kids (honey, permanent)
4.10 EUR for 100g
Porridge (with oatmeal flakes, permanent)
3.60 EUR for 100g
Northern Lights (Xmas edition, lime and pine)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

January's Monthly Favorites + FOTD

What is a beauty blog without monthly favorites ;)
We, Ladies, can jabber about them non-stop!

Here are the 10 products what made
my January days a little more festive.

1. MAC Cremeblend blush in Brit Wit
Mauve-rosy-beige color (scroll down for a swatch),
Applies so smoothly, not thick, blends heavenly!
Love it for contouring my cheek bones,
leaves such a pretty sheen, gives a natural flush.
Permanent product, available from MAC counter.
18.50 euro for 0.9 oz. (MAC counter in Kaubamaja)

If for some reason you never heard about BB Cream,
you just have to!
Here's a good indepth overview of this miracle all-in-one product
My BB is a savior in winter times -
moisturizes instantly, provides medium coverage,|
giving my skin a dewy glow.
This has 5 shades, mine is #21 Light Beige.
Blemishes and under-eye circles need additional coverage.
I now really wanna try non-Korean BBs :)
$5-6.00 (4-5.00 euro) for 20 ml (Ebay)