The Other Side of the Monitor

The girl who didn't know how...
I mean how to apply makeup.

I remember I liked blush,
but I always ended up looking like Russian Matreshka
I liked eyeliner, but it never worked for me.
I liked eyeshadows, but I didn't know where to apply them.
I adored makeup, but not on myself.

Then one day I stumbled upon some
YouTube MAKEUP GURUs' channels.
And then it all began.

The girl who knows how and where...
and wants to share that knowledge!

Today, I am 20-something-year-old graduate with BBA,
working in retail 
and sometimes doing
other peoples’ makeup on a hobby basis.

I have a strong (but regulated!) passion for beauty things,
finding myself especially addicted to nail polishes,
heels, blushes and lipsticks.

I am an impulse buyer, a shopaholic,
but sometimes also a careful planner.
 Opposites can live together, you know J

 Nailpolishtalks was created for knowledge sharing,
recommending and learning.

Blog's language is English.
Despite fluency in Estonian and being a native Russian speaker,
language solution should satisfy the majority.
Fair? :)

I guess that's all I wanted to say for know.

Don't hesitate to contact me at

Join and enjoy!