Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do You Feel NAKED or NAKED 2? I Feel Both!


I got it, I finally got it!
My lovely-pretty-gorgeous-amazing
Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

I am quite surprised that it was pretty easy this time.
I remember the headache with purchasing original Naked Palette,
it was either sold out, or not available internationally,
crazily overpriced on Ebay, etc.
And this time I only got an email -
"Naked Palette 2, free worldwide delivery (!!!), available now"
And I said: ".......!$#$&^%*&^*@surrrre!"

Let it be 100 000 001 review, but here it is,
all sleek and shiny...
 Lip Junkie in Naked (mini, 3.23 ml)
 Comes in a squeeze tube
Feels very comfortable on the lips-
not sticky, a little minty (due to plumping effect),
color is very neutral - pink with little sparkles, very pretty.
Open Sesame!
Crease & shadow brush
 Left to right: Foxy (yellowed beige, matte), Half Baked (golden brown),
Booty Call (peachy-white), Chopper (coppery brown), Tease (taupe brown, matte)
Left to right: Snake Bite (dark bronze), Suspect (champagne-bronze),
Pistol (gray-brown), Verve (silvery-beige)
Left to right: Lip Junkie in Naked (shimmery pink), YDK (coppery-red brown), 
Busted (burgundy brown), Blackout (intense black, matte)
Siblings together
NP is definitely more warmer than NP2
Little reminder: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck
 Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Greed, Gunmetal
Excluding Half Naked (same in both palettes),
the only similar shades to me are (left to right):
Virgin (NP),  Bootycall (NP2), Busted (NP2), Hustle (NP) 
 Also, YDK is quite close to Sidecar,
Snakebite is a mix of  Smog and Darkhourse,
but they are not dupes and 6 shades out of 12 are totally unique.
I love them both and can't wait to play with my NP2.

Urban Decay makes amazing quality eyeshadows -
rich in pigmentation, buttery smooth and long wearing.

If you have never tried them before,
Naked Palette (any of the two) would be a perfect starting point.

Both NP and NP2 are available from
for £36.00 (44 EUR) and with free worldwide delivery

Also, you can try Ebay
NP - £33-42 with shipping
NP2 - £50 and more

Please share any other places offering
international delivery that you know.
I would like to include them in this post.


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