Sunday, February 12, 2012

January's Monthly Favorites + FOTD

What is a beauty blog without monthly favorites ;)
We, Ladies, can jabber about them non-stop!

Here are the 10 products what made
my January days a little more festive.

1. MAC Cremeblend blush in Brit Wit
Mauve-rosy-beige color (scroll down for a swatch),
Applies so smoothly, not thick, blends heavenly!
Love it for contouring my cheek bones,
leaves such a pretty sheen, gives a natural flush.
Permanent product, available from MAC counter.
18.50 euro for 0.9 oz. (MAC counter in Kaubamaja)

If for some reason you never heard about BB Cream,
you just have to!
Here's a good indepth overview of this miracle all-in-one product
My BB is a savior in winter times -
moisturizes instantly, provides medium coverage,|
giving my skin a dewy glow.
This has 5 shades, mine is #21 Light Beige.
Blemishes and under-eye circles need additional coverage.
I now really wanna try non-Korean BBs :)
$5-6.00 (4-5.00 euro) for 20 ml (Ebay)

3. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula
Concentrated Cream with Vitamin E

Provides intensive hydration, relieves dry skin,
smells like cocoa, my hands are really thankful!
~ 4-5.00 euro for 100 g (Rimi, Kaubamaja, ILU)

Oh my God, what a deal for 1.80 euro
Creamy, moisturizing, long-wearing lippie!
Mauve-pink, very rich, has practically no scent to it
(swatched below)
Would look good on any complexion.
~1.80 euro for 3.5 g (

Mmmm, smells so tasty, like crystallized ginger :)
I can rave about TBS butter instantly,
definite must-have for winter!
Xmas limited edition, might still be available in-store
~16.70 euro for 200 ml (TBS stores)

Stila smudge pots work both as an eyeshadow and eyeliner,
however I personally use it as an all over lid eyeshadow,
without a primer (despite being creamy, it doesn't crease on me).
Kitten is Stila's best selling shade - light shimmery champagne-nude,
instantly brightens your eyes, 
looks gorgeous with matte brown in the crease and cat eyeliner!
I got mine in mini size for about $6-7 on ebay, full-size pot is $20.00

that tiny friend of mine saved me from routine morning hair wash,
especially when it's -20C outside
spray a little here, a little there,
wait one minute and you're ready to go!
Will repurchase in full size as soon as I use it up.
~2.50 euro for 30g (Kaubamaja)

Raspberries, black current and roses...
When I first tried it, I was standing near the counter for 15 minutes,
smelling and smelling and smelling the bottle
You know, I never was a fan of strong feminine perfumes,
but this one makes me crazy.
Like it's "the perfect scent",
"your perfect scent"...
~ 44.50 euro for 30 ml (35.50 euro, offer in Stockmann)
(beauty and department stores)

My reviews of Material Girl and Love Marilyn
What can be more "holidayish" than chunky glitter polishes,
the colors are absolutely gorgeous!
6-7.00 euro for bottle (ebay, transdesign, Kaubamaja)

Thick, creamy full-coverage concealers that hide
dark under-eye circles, blemishes and spots.
Variety of shades allows you to mix your perfect color,
highlight and contour.
from 3.80 euro for 136 gr (
 Left-to right: Random concealer, MAC Cremeblend blush in Brit Wit,
ELF lipstick in Gypsy, Stila's smudge pot in Kitten, Missha BB Cream

FOTD using BB cream, smudge pot in Kitten, blush in Brit Wit

What are your monthly favorites?...

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