Thursday, January 26, 2012

Favorite Affordable Cosmetics. Episode #2

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Favorite Affordable Cosmetics, 
where I am sharing with you different beauty bargains on the Internet
Today I am expressing my love for Glamour Doll Eyes.

They started as an eyeshadow company in November 2008
and now also sell glitter, balm and gloss

I have 9 sample jars and 3 sample bags 
which I ordered back in January, 2011

Sample jars 1-5
Left to right: Pistol Pistol (blackened silver with multi colored shimmer), 
Brown Eyed Girl (glittery brown with hints of purple),
Boyfriend Sweater (grayish brown),
DinoSpotz (reddish brown with green shimmer),
Lovers Lane (red metallic)
Sample jars 6-9
Left to right: Chocoholic (dark coppery brown)
Bare Naked (peachy nude with a sheen)
Dazzle Me (beigish nude with silver sparkles)
He Loves Me Not (sparkly peachy beige) 
Sample baggies 1-3
Left to right: Cloud Coverage (matte white),
RoxxCandy (light blue with silver, green and purple sparkles)
Shamrock (bright green)
with Brown Eyed Girl on the lid

Full Size Jar - $6
Sample Baggie - $1.25
Sample Jar - $2.50
LIPPIES (shipping price included)
Lip Fiend - $10
Glamour Gloss - $8
Free International shipping on all of the samples
and orders over $30
If you decide to buy a jar of a sample you already have,
GDE will distract the cost of the sample from the jar price
(check for more information here)

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