Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GlitterMania Episode #2. Remove Glitter Polish in 5 Min! + Bonus NOTD

Gourgeousnesses, it's the 2nd episode of GlitterMania.
Last time I was referring to a tutorial on "
How To Easily Remove Glitter Polish"
(read here)

Then I decided to show it myself.

Remember China Glaze's "Love Marilyn"?
I was a bad child and did some naughty things to my nails,
to make it look like ..like.. like this ...

Here we are,
at the point - "I Need To Remove That ASAP"
and the things we need:
cotton pads, foil, nail polish remover
(I use acetone-free) and a pair of scissors

Start with the 1st hand and cut cotton pads into halves,
getting 5 pcs for each hand
 Prepare 5 pcs of foil

 A black hole - My cat's nose!
 Pour some nail polish remover onto a cotton pad (don't be greedy)
 Wrap it around your finger
 And wrap a foil piece on the top of a cotton pad
 Repeat with each finger and wait 3-5 min (what a sausage-fingers!)
 Gently press foil and slip it off
Virgin nails, a little bit dry and with some glitter powder
Rest in peace, Glitter!
Don't forget to moisture!

And the bonus - Material Girl from 

soft pink glitter with different-sized chunks
Do you see some holographic particles peeking through the glass?


Read this to find out about places where to buy

Stay tuned!

With love,

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